A Pitch for Reality Shows

I made a presentation today; one of the ideas was a reality show integration. I think reality shows like Project Runway, Anthony Bourdain: No reservations, cooking shows from Rachel ray, Guy Fieri, and the second rung shows like What Not to Wear, Take Home Handyman are good media options because they are very targeted, with little wastage and pretty inexpensive. Most importantly, I like them because they are a platform that can be used to change perceptions about a brand over the duration of a season, especially since changing consumer’s perceptions is not something that happens overnight, or with a single ad campaign. They are good platforms to educate product usage or suggest new ways to use. The association with professionals of the trade using your product (without having to yell out the brand name every time they use it) can be great for brands with pro-sumer ambitions. Surely brands in the kitchen, travel, design, home decor, cooking, should spend one meeting on how a reality show could help their brand.

Of course, my intention for this post was different:

and here’s evidence that this will very soon be a youtube legend

and you’ve got to watch this to regain your faith in humanity


2 thoughts on “A Pitch for Reality Shows

  1. It’s a new channel called Bindaas from UTV. According to Harini Calamur (you know her right?), no one watches the channel.

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