A better laundry detergent cup

I’m a unit price shopper (at least for right now), so I have the huge 340 oz. Tide detergent tub. I love the faucet and cup that come with the tub, especially the faucet. I bow to whoever thought of the faucet.

If you live in an apartment building and buy these huge tubs you

  • either walk a long hallway or worse
  • take the elevator to the laundry room.

When you already have a heavy tub of clothes to carry, lugging along the detergent or making a second trip for it is annoying. You could have just carried the cup with detergent but you fear spillage. I usually just bury my filled detergent cup between clothes, spillage doesn’t matter then. But surely some design can solve this annoyance.

That got me thinking if the cup could be made into a closed container for the liquid. Use the faucet to fill the cup, close it, and just don’t worry about spilling it on your long way to the laundry. I loved the designing process. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous some of my earlier drafts were before I arrived at this simple lid that sticks at the bottom of the cup (or top – when the cup covers the faucet). Just take off the lid from the bottom and stick it at the top of the filled cup. The lid has a little flip open/shut mouth. I thought a little string would be necessary to keep us from losing the lid. I think it’s a clean and simple design (of course it’s not to proportion).

What do you’ll think about the detergent cup with lid? Have you seen detergent tubs that came with such cups before? How beneficial would this be? If you are an expert in the packaging industry, would love to know how much would the lid add to the expense. How can this design be refined?

P.S.: It was a kitchen appliance product innovation assignment for the Advanced Brand Management class by Kelly O’Keefe that got me to address the “walking long hallways with a cup of detergent about to spill” problem. This is perhaps a good example of the different approaches we Creative Brand Managers want to consider while solving a brand problem: in this case, with a better product.


3 thoughts on “A better laundry detergent cup

  1. Oops, I don’t think I was clear there. The cup is not my idea. Detergent tubs mostly have cups. Some even have faucets. My idea is just a lid that clips to the back of the cup that can be taken off and placed to cover the cup tight while walking from apartment to laundry room.

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