Eye-Fi SD Card will upload your Photos to Flickr and let everyone know on Twitter

I’m going to make a few lazy posts today: just some links.

As you’d know, I’m working on a kitchen appliance innovation project. That’s turned me into a magnet for news on good design and products. (Just like I’d become a magnet for two wheels while working on the Suzuki Burgman project – suddenly sighting two wheels just about everywhere.) Here’s the Eye-Fi SD Card – just like any other camera memory card but with wifi, geo-tracking and enabled to upload photos to flickr and send update alerts on twitter for your followers. How smart! In a product category that has quickly turned commodity, where people are buying memory from pricegrabber.com or waiting for the cheapest offer on slickdeals.net and fatwallet.com, here’s a product with a compelling offer to the highly involved digital photographer. A Sandisk 2GB Secure Digital card sells for $6 on pricegrabber while EyeFi Share sells for $99 – the same price it is sold for on Eye-Fi’s web site.

More about the products here.

Original post here on BoingBoing gadgets

Excerpt from original post

Charlie Sorrel’s right on the money: “Eye-Fi gets it. What started as a simple SD card with Wi-Fi transfer and geotagging is fast turning into a full-on Web 2.0 gadget.” There’s just a giddy neatness to owning an SD card that not only does something besides store data, but gets cool new features pushed to it over time.


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