Bill Clinton will campaign in VCU Commons, Richmond, VA on Sunday, Oct 12

Post Event Update:

Bill Clinton’s speech video (10 minutes)

Update: I’m gonna send live twitter updates on the crowd and line status. It’s to the right. But wordpress might be lazy to update my feed so just go straight to my twitter.

US President Bill Clinton will be speaking in my university. Yup, campaigning for Obama-Biden ’08, he’ll speak at the Virginia Commonwealth University Students Commons at Commons Plaza, 907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA on Sunday, Oct 12 at 9:30 pm. I’m hoping to be there. Seeing a former US President, a world leader, speak when he’s coming to my university, 5 minutes from my apartment is not an opportunity I want to miss out on. Only, I have 3 major submissions+presentations on Monday and Tuesday. (I saw Hillary Clinton while she was campaigning last year in Neport Pavonia, Jersey City, NJ.)

Here’s something from CNN

Obama in position to take Virginia from GOP

Virginia hasn’t backed a Democrat for president in 44 years, but economic concerns and changing demographics are giving Sen. Barack Obama a chance to steal the once reliably red state from Republicans. link

[Thanks to Raquel Giminez for sending out an email to all students]

[Picture from here]


2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton will campaign in VCU Commons, Richmond, VA on Sunday, Oct 12

  1. do you have any idea when the line will start to form? i want to go but im currently at work and live an hour away. just dont want to get out there and miss it! any suggestions?

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