Barack Obama will campaign at Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA on Wednesday, Oct 22

Update: here’s a video

and here’s John Oliver from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart who was also at the Richmond Coliseum

US Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama will bring his “Change we Need” campaign to Richmond, Virginia speaking at the Richmond Coliseum on Wednesday, October 22nd. That is 13 days from the US Presidential elections. Having see Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on two different occasions on campaign trails, as a tourist and wannabe journalist I’m surely going to see him speak. As a student at the VCU Brandcenter with its crazy schedule and impoverishing powers I’ve traveled hardly anywhere. So it’s great that I have something to point my camera at and see history being made.

Details about the event here

The doors open at 10 am. From my experience at the Bill Clinton event I expect the doors to open at 9 am and Barack Obama to end his speech by 12 noon when it is scheduled to begin. Expect twitter updates on the line situation.


i was there! i was there!

i was there! i was there!


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