Play Match Maker with Google Voice

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googlevoiceI am super excited that I received my Google Voice invitation yesterday. Playing around with it, I found a feature that will help you get two of your friends in love, or get Obama and George Bush on the phone (if you know their numbers), or bring peace in the world (US only).

With the ‘Click2Call’ feature on Google voice you can call any US phone. Google Voice will ask you to select which one of your phones you want to take the call from. [Google Voice makes the call>then sends it to your preferred phone>then you hear the phone on the other end ringing, then you do as you’ve always done.] Since Google Voice allows you to integrate all your phones to this one GV number, you have the option to ask GV to make the call from any one of your phones.

But this is where it gets funny (and buggy in my opinion; there are some major privacy issues Google Voice will have to fix). You have the option to enter any phone number in the “Phone to ring” textbox and any other number in the ‘Call’ textbox and get those two numbers connected on a phone conversation! I tried it with my cousin. Entered his mobile number on the ‘phone to ring’ and his landline on the ‘call’ field and sure, those two subservient phones called each other.

So what is stopping you from getting two of your friends you have always known will make a great couple connected in this creepy way? Or call Colin Farell on one side and connect him to some crazy serial killer you met at a networking event? Or get Obama and Ahmadinejad on a call, without preconditions? (actually, the last one won’t work.)


4 thoughts on “Play Match Maker with Google Voice

  1. In a cloud computing world where we are all fast approaching, some more than others, Google will leave Microsoft far behind. In this economy, and because of design preference loads of people are buying netbooks for value. At the library just a few hours ago I saw a 60 year old woman using an Acer EEE pc (netbook). Netbook market is booming, google os will make netbooks even cheaper, google is trusted. They are going to carve a very good share of the netbook market I think.

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