Read to Them “One School One Book” Reading Program

Principals had shut their ears to 9 million reading programs. Inspection revealed the brand truth that One School One Book was a local community development movement and not just a reading program. Web strategy refocused fund raising from huge corporations to individuals.

The Objective: Enroll several schools to participate. Raise funds for a fledgling organization.

The Barrier: Principals didn’t wish to hear about yet another reading program.

Insight: Talking to schools who had tried One School One Book before we realized this was more of a community builder. As a whole school — students, staff, parents, even bus drivers read one book; the story brought everyone close. It brought the parents and teachers working together.

The Strategy:

  • Changed the conversation from “reading program” to “community building initiative”
  • Suggested a new brand name “WeBook”: more contemporary, actionable, and involving
  • A web site that articulated the organization’s mission in a quick 2 minute animation
  • Web site that showed how each party: teachers, parents, principals, corporations had a role in the ambition
  • Communication campaign expressing the involvement students and the school enjoy during One School One Book
  • Fund raising focused on individual donations through web site and blog widgets rather than big corporations. Also, re-focused fund raising from national corporations to local small business.

Please find some of the fleshed out work in this SlideShare presentation below (works great full screen):

I enjoyed this work because: I don’t remember being read to as a child. I never enjoyed reading till college. I know the effects, because I experience the world of difference reading brings. This was personal. This was also one of the most memorable team efforts. We began overwhelmed at the scope of what was expected of us. In the course of time, each member volunteered for the parts that magically fell into place to make the whole.

Besides, I got the opportunity to contribute beyond my “brand manager” duties in the way of making an animation film, which is right here.


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