Google knows you don’t understand Google Wave and knows you understand Google Wave better

As planners – strategists – advertising folk, we’re after reducing complex things to simple elevator pitches. Problem arises when we confuse simplistic with simple and take that philosophy backwards to make only those products that can be explained in elevator pitches.

Google Wave is pretty complex. To get the best idea of what Wave can do you’d have to watch an 80 minute video (at the end of the post).

Google knows people are trying to get a grasp of Wave (we’re searching Google for answers). Since Google is all about scalable solutions, instead of producing one official line on wave or pressuring a single writer to come up with some copy for Wave, Google is doing it the scalable way—allowing everyone who has used it to describe it within 250 characters and allowing people to vote on the best descriptions. It is hosted on the Moderator app on Google App Engine.

This is how I describe it in 250 characters or less:

“Communication+Action, Seamlessly. Google Wave emulates natural multiparty communication structures allowing new branches at any node. It enables user friendly method to reference multimedia information and seamlessly borrow appropriate applications.”
You can see more here
If I had to describe it in even fewer words, I’d go with
Google Wave is a live and seamless collaborative communication and action platform.

Google Wave in 80 Minutes

Google Wave in 10 Minutes

Google Wave in 2 Minutes


One thought on “Google knows you don’t understand Google Wave and knows you understand Google Wave better

  1. I still don’t understand it. I’m not against it, I just don’t get the “why” (even though I DO understand the “how”). Pick up the phone.

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