If you bought Imagine by Jonah Lehrer on Kindle, Amazon will refund you

I was enjoying reading Imagine by Jonah Lehrer. Later found out dude lied a lot. While I know what he lied about (the Bob Dylan quotes), I am not sure if he lied about more things. I had read more than 50% of the book but didn’t want to read any further. I read that the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has recalled the book. I asked them on twitter to refund me for my Kindle purchase. They sent me this tweet https://twitter.com/HMHbooks/status/230771110063525888. The tweet pointed me to more information about the recall http://hmhbooks.com/hmh/site/hmhbooks/home/imaginerecall?tabId=header_tab_7. It said I had to contact my retailer directly for ebook purchase. I was a little disappointed fearing Amazon may not refund. But they did and they did pretty soon. Here’s my conversation with a customer service rep at Amazon. Great service from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Amazon. Very disappointing from the writer, Jonah Lehrer. Lesson: if you plan to write a non-fiction book, stick to non-fiction.
You are now connected to April Lyn from Amazon.com.
Me:I bought a book on Kindle that is being recalled by the publisher. I would like to get a refund.http://hmhbooks.com/hmh/site/hmhbooks/home/imaginerecall?tabId=header_tab_7
April Lyn:Hello Sriram, my name is April from Kindle Support. I’ll be glad to help you today.
April Lyn:I’ll be glad to help you with processing the refund for the book.
You’re welcome.
April Lyn:May I have the full name on your account?
Me:Sriram Venkitachalam
April Lyn:Thank you. Your email address is xxxxxx@yyyy.com, correct?
April Lyn:Thanks.
If I got you correctly this is for the book
Imagine: How Creativity Works right?
April Lyn:Thanks. Please give me a moment.
Me:the book was recalled because of a controversy
April Lyn:Usually we only consider returns of Kindle content within seven days of purchase. Because of the circumstances, I’ll make an exception and help you with the return.
I’ve requested a refund of $7.99 for “Imagine: How Creativity Works .” If the item is still on your Kindle (or a Kindle-compatible device), please delete that copy. After the refund is issued, you will no longer be able to access this item.
Me:Thanks. You are not doing me a favor by making an exception. I didn’t cheat by writing the book. The writer and publisher did. So I don’t see why you wouldn’t refund anyway.
April Lyn:Refunds are issued to the payment method used to make the original purchase and usually complete within two to three business days.
Once processed, you’ll be able to see the refund request here:
I have processed the refund Sriram.
Me:Thanks a lot
April Lyn:Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Me:Nope. Thanks a lot. You were very helpful.
April Lyn:You’re very much welcome. I’m glad I was able to help you with your concern. Once again this is April, have a good one. Goodbye!

2 thoughts on “If you bought Imagine by Jonah Lehrer on Kindle, Amazon will refund you

  1. Glad to see Amazon has such great customer service. Thanks for posting this, I was looking for information about how to request a refund also. I have to say though, I also work in customer support, and as a person who spent 8 hours today having conversations like this: telling the CSR that she’s “not doing you any favors” is a little rude. 1. Just like its not your fault that Lehrer lied, it’s not her fault either. She’s just doing her job (well, I might add, she was friendly and processed your refund quickly). 2. She is probably required to let you know what the return policy is, and why this situation is an exception, so that you’ll know next time you want to return a Kindle book after the seven day return window. Again, thanks for posting the helpful info, but to others who ask for refunds: please be nice to the poor person you talk to, who will be getting yelled at all day about a book they did not write and who will be giving you your money back either way. Might as well be nice to them.

  2. I am glad I came across your site. I really enjoy gaining knowledge everyday and your site did just that. Thank you for the post.

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